Otaku Pools

A gathering of Cardano enthusiasts

Our Stakepools

All of our Cardano stakepools operate with the minimum cost/epoch of 340 ada. This is the minimum allowed by the Shelley protocol. We only charge a 1% margin on the rewards/epoch for our work to supervise the pools. This means that we will pay you 99% of the rewards (after costs) that your stake earns when you stake with one of our pools. We think that’s a good deal. We’ll take care of running the pool. You can have peace of mind that your ada is safe and earning rewards 24/7/365.

Stakepools We Operate

The PEARL Pool:




pool id: 39378894384bd8ad830f827d82f26d6fa5aaae11a1458a6bd5e4c460

pool id: e62be741acba2d9f27a2fb6e1516a8dbe75e8686d64e42e1b158e172

pool id: 2d7b9cc48f42146174e7097239d04fe7e05722d639b8b5fa2c62f2d6

pool id: 2d7b9cc48f42146174e7097239d04fe7e05722d639b8b5fa2c62f2d6

Delegation to our pools is possible via Daedalus wallet from Input-Output Global. Click here to download.

You are also able to delegate via the Yoroi light wallet. Click here. Choose the extension for your favorite browser.

We look forward to serving you. If you have questions, please use our contact page to send them to us. Thank you.